Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Future, Ghost Black, and More

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Ghost Black - Artist/ghostwriter, has one of the best ear's  in the business. Ghost Black know's the secrets to creating  hit after hit songs. Ghost Black says, I can bring your artist  back from the dead. Ghost Black has also teamed up with a  beautiful singing sensation name Sandy Star, who puts the  finishing touches on a song, by taking their music to new  and unbelievable heights. Sandy Star's, sweet harmony, and  melodies, along with Ghost Black writing ability form a   dynamic duo that is unstoppable.  Their music is unique,  fresh, and has that staying power. That's what separate  them from the rest, that's what makes them (Legendary).  Ghost Black Has two hot new single's Miami Heat Wave, and Baby I know you love me ,  that is burning up the internet airwaves, one featuring  the incredible singing sensation Sandy Star and Amazing Singer Josh Moreland. These new single's are sure to raise a few eyebrows.  Ghost Black specializing in hip hop, r&b, soul, pop.  If your looking for a ghostwriter, their is no one who works harder to get you that elusive hit record. Prepare for what's about to come, there's nobody in the industry that has this artist sound and creativity. Ghost Black has his own lane and doesn't plan on stopping, changing his style, or sound to compare or compete with the industry. Ghost Black said, i'm Industry late, but independently great. Ears don't lie, my gift is from the sky, and that's why my music will never die.

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